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Pet Name: Odin

Date of Birth: 31st July 2007

Height: 19"

Weight: 26kgs

Colour: Blue

COI (10gen): 14.8232%

Year of Death: 2013

Status: Semen Stored



DNA Profiled: Yes

DNA Parentage: Yes

Hip Scored: Yes

Elbow Scored: Yes

Cardiac Tested: Yes

Eye Tested: Yes

Cerebellar Ataxia (NCL-A): Clear by Parentage

Canine Hyperuricosuria (HUU): Clear by Parentage

DNA Coat Colour Tested: Yes


Titles Gained

ANKC Australian Champion



Pedigree - 

ANKC Champion - 

DNA Profile - 

DNA Parentage - 

Cerebellar Ataxia* - 

Canine Hyperuricosuria* - 

* Odin is Clear by Parentage for these diseases but his DNA was also tested again via Orivet.


Coat Colour

B Locus - BB 

D Locus - dd

E Locus - EE

Em Locus - Em/Em 

K Locus - K/kbr

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